Shark Addicts

Shark Addicts is an operation based out of Jupiter, Florida offering world class dive expeditions focusing on shark interactions. Shark Addicts was born through Co-Founders Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith’s deep love of the ocean and their passion for educating the public about sharks.

They have succeeded in giving thousands of people once in a lifetime educational experiences that have changed people’s perspective on the ocean and sharks forever. In addition to their roles as expedition leaders, Mickey Smith doubles as a talented underwater videographer capturing their clients’ once in a lifetime moments on video. Cameron Nimmo spends his time underwater providing basic relief for the sharks by removing hooks from the sharks’ mouths through the process of hook removal.

In 2015, Cameron Nimmo developed Dive for Freedom, an annual event bringing combat veterans and those who have served this nation in the most honorable way up close and personal with sharks. The event has raised thousands of dollars for Veterans charities and is just another example of Shark Addict’s dedication to the causes they continue to fight for and the positive changes they envision.