Thank You for the Support

The Unmasking Monsters Below team has some exciting news. We are very close to completing what could be world-wide distribution for the movie.

In order to be able to share our message with as many people around the world as we can, Unmasking Monsters Below created a Kickstarter “Finishing Funds” Campaign and you all came through and got our campaign funded!

Since the Kickstarter “Finishing Funds” Campaign was funded, we have been tirelessly to get the movie to our distributor. After that our focus will shift toward fulfilling all pledge rewards from the Kickstarter campaign in Spring of 2024 before Unmasking Monsters Below becomes available to view around the world.

Unmasking Monsters Below

Feature Documentary - 88 minutes

Unmasking Monsters Below invites you along on a path of shark discovery and the truths to the most misunderstood animals patrolling our oceans.

Director Justin Sago provides an exciting update and a very special message for all those...
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