Michael Dornellas

Michael Dornellas, a professional Freediver and underwater filmmaker extraordinaire, began his career as a professional guide for clients desiring a natural, unique experience in the wild with sharks, alligators and other marine life. Michael’s work specializes in close interactions with sharks and capturing up close and personal experiences with a multitude of wildlife on film. His instinctual nature combined with an ability to film underwater for extended periods of time on a single breath of air, has created a style of underwater filming that leaves viewers mesmerized and astonished.

Michael quickly made a name for himself as one of the best go-to experts for close encounters with nature’s apex and keystone predators. He has guided high profile clients, actors and actresses, National Geographic photographers and professional cinematographers alike on one of kind customized experiences. Michael is known throughout his industry for not only capturing the footage needed but exceeding all expectations of his clients and crew. He has a unique passion for being in the ocean and has mastered the art of capturing the underwater world through film.

Michael has appeared as a Host and shark expert on Discovery’s Shark Week. He once again worked as an underwater cameraman and revamped his role as a host for 2019’s Shark Week. Michael’s many projects have been greatly touched by his passion for shark conservation. His role as an unwavering ambassador for sharks has solidified his place as a remarkable source for shark education and awareness.