Joe Alves

Joe Alves is a film production designer and director, most known for his work on the first three films of the Jaws film franchise. He is responsible for the creation of the most famous shark ever known and directed the third installment Jaws 3-D.

Joe has worked on some of the most well-known films in cinema history and has collaborated with the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg. He has been nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Art Direction and won the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for Best Art Direction for his work on Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Most recently Joe worked with writer Dennis Prince to create a pictorial guidebook to one of the world’s most talked about films: Joe Alves on Designing JAWS. The book features high quality images from Joe’s personal archive including concept drawings, hand rendered storyboards, production photos and is a unique peek into a cinematic masterpiece.

Joe resides in the hills of Hollywood with his wife and remains a master of his craft and treasure chest of film knowledge.