Cade Stuermer

Cade Stuermer is a teenage diver, photographer, conservationist and influencer behind Cade Saves Sharks. He developed a love of sharks early on and was self motivated to learn as much about them as he could. Through his learning he discovered that shark numbers have decreased drastically over the last 30 to 40 years and sadly some species are at risk of extinction. Not only that but he also learned that sharks are treated horribly and are widely feared by people.

Through his research and learning Cade became determined to help and started Cade Save Sharks. Through Cade Saves Sharks he has designed and sold bracelets, donating all proceeds to shark conservation efforts. Cade has participated in numerous campaigns to help save sharks including “ No Fin Florida “ where he helped to pass a law to make Florida the 15th state to ban the sale and trade of shark fins. Florida had formerly been the the hub of the fin trade in the US.

Cade dives with and photographs sharks on a regular basis. He has had many interesting experiences and opportunities and met many people. He does this to learn about sharks but also to teach and show others that they are far from the mindless man eaters that most people think they are. Cade wants people to see that sharks deserve to be here and that they are much more important and valuable in our oceans than they are in a bowl of soup or a tube of lipstick. Cade is young but he is determined to stay on a path to help save sharks, wherever that may lead.