Pledge Surveys

Thank you once again everybody that contributed to our Unmasking Monsters Below – Kickstarter “Finishing Funds” Campaign.

We are already hard at work on putting together hopefully what will be the final version of the movie to deliver to our distributor, and for the world to watch.

At around 11 AM EST on 08/30/23 we sent out SURVEYS through the Kickstarter platform to everybody that pledged.

The surveys will come to you through the Kickstarter platform. The surveys have a little more information on what’s next in regards to our team pledging to you to provide you all the rewards that we promised when you made your contribution to our project.

Please answer all the questions in the survey so we can start making arrangements to fulfill the rewards. Kickstarter will attempt to notify you twice over the next two weeks about the surveys.

Our team is only able to send out the surveys one time, which again we did this morning. Any communication beyond that has to come through the Kickstarter platform, so just message us on there if anything should come up, and we will be checking that account continuously throughout this fulfillment process.

You are able to change rewards mailing addresses for a couple months yet. We only asked for your email address in the surveys to send the digital download link to once we have it. We will not add or use the email address for any other solicitation or communication, but feel free to sign up for our newsletter if you want to stay in the loop other Unmasking Monsters Below news wise.

Beyond all of that, you can reach out to us on through the website and socials as normal.

Thank you once again for all the support. Many exciting things are happening behind the scenes with Unmasking Monsters Below and we look forward to sharing.

Merch Coming Soon